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CEU Continuing Education

Whether you are looking to boost your skills or knowledge on a particular topic, Weatherization Partners has a team of specialists that are CEU facilitators for AIA and offer accredited continuing education programs for a variety of topics. We can offer these programs online or in the convenience of your own office, or at a local association meeting.

Featured AIA/CES Learning Units

NFPA 285 - Assembly Test of Exterior Wallas with Combustible Components

This seminar will discuss the impact of the NFPA 285 Test on buildings using IBC and ASHRAE 90.1 energy code requirements, the parameters and history of NFPA 285, and the definition of what building components are combustible and require NFPA 285 testing by IBC. [1 AIA, HSW, GBCI]

Wind Loads Design Criteria & Air Barrier Performance

This presentation describes the air barrier performance requirements for the desired wind load design specifications. There are two accepted performance levels for commercial air barrier systems, determined by the structural design parameters for the building enclosure: ASTM E2357 and ASTM 1677. [1 AIA, HSW]

Durable Building Enclosure Design - Commercial

Reviews recent changes in North America energy codes, examples of wall assemblies being considered for code compliance, potential moisture management challenges, and design tools that could be used to assess potential moisture problems and to minimize the durability impact. The importance of design features for increased moisture management, such as effective drainage, ventilation and diffusion drying will be discussed. [1 AIA, HSW, GBCI]

Choices of Air Barriers for Commercial Building Enclosures

The purpose of this seminar is to briefly review the role of continuous air barriers in achieving an airtight building envelope and describes air barrier product properties, system components and typical applications.[1 AIA, HSW, GBCI/CMP]

Moisture Management in Commercial Building Enclosure

Moisture is the most significant factor in the premature deterioration of buildings. Moisture can damage materials directly, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of building materials. This seminar, organized in 3 sections, will help you understand the impact of moisture transport across the building enclosure and the importance of controlling moisture flow using water, air and vapor barriers. [1 AIA, HSW]

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