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Our Products

WPL creates demand and supplies products and services for a variety of building materials throughout the south and southwestern portion of the United States. For a complete list, please contact us directly.

masonry Weather Barriers

An integral part of the wall assembly to prevent air and moisture intrusion. We offer building materials that help make walls more durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

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window Flashing Systems

There are many ways that water can find its way through window or door openings. A good flashing system helps direct water to the exterior and helps seal the building envelope against the elements.

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Rainscreen Protection

rainscreens Rainscreens

Rainscreens create a capillary break where the wall cladding (siding, brick, stone or stucco) stands off from sheathing to allow drainage and evaporation from any moisture intrusion.

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roofing Roofing

Synthetic roofing underlayments are designed to out perform traditional asphalt felt paper. They provide a water-resistant material that is installed directly onto a roof deck as an added layer of protection from severe weather.

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